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We are an authorized full product dealer for Curtis Snow Plow

Snow Plows
Parts and Accessories
Salt and Bag Salt Available

Light Duty

Unique poly moldboard supported by reinforced tubular frame.

Superior fit and finish together with an amazingly strong structure.

Hitch-N-Run System, world's fastest attachment snowplow.

Standard & Heavy Duty

Hitch-N-Run System

Hide-Away Hydraulics

Hydraulic Jack Stand

Extended Push Frame

Hide-away Mount Kit

World Class Fit and Finish


Standard pitch adjustment

Rugged tubular reinforced moldboard

Standard double acting cylinders

Rugged flip-down jack stand

World's fastest attachment

Hitch-N-Run system

V-Box Spreaders

Fast-Cast 550 1/3 Yard Spreader

1TS17, 1TS17A, 1TS25 and 1TS25A Spreader

2.5 Yard Spreader

Tail Spreaders

Fast-Cast 2000 Series p/n 1CS1 Commercial Grade

Fast-Cast 300 Series p/n 1CS9 Light Duty Grade

Hitch-N-Run System

Vehicle approaches snowplow from various angles and heights...

Patented tapered design self-aligns plow with vehicle Plow latch hooks engage and rotate to attached position...

Patented semi-automatic cam effect rotates latch hooks through cycle

Connect 2 plugs and safety latches and you're running!

Patented hydraulic jack stand automatically retracts when plow lifts

Optional Finger Tip Control

Optional Joystick Control

Optional Touch Pad Control

Optional Plow Wings

Optional Handheld Control

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